LHB-Liitto (’LGB Union’) promotes the rights of lesbians, gays and bisexuals. We want to see a world where sexual minorities have the right to love and show their love without being discriminated against. We offer peer support and opportunities to connect with fellow LGB people. We want to fight discrimination targeted at sexual minorities at the workplace, in schools, in sports and all other areas of life.

Our Values

We support everyone’s right to express themselves as they wish. Everyone deserves equal legal rights. We want to promote and preserve the rights of sexual minorities to express their orientation and the right to safe spaces where they can gather. Especially lesbians face discrimination because of both their orientation and sex. 

Our Vision

We want to improve the social standing of lesbians, gays and bisexuals. We are aiming for a social climate where one is able to express one’s thoughts freely and without the fear of public disdain or, for example, the threat of losing one’s job for speaking up. We are working towards a balanced societal discussion that is fair, clear and based on facts. We wish to support LGB youth on their path of finding their own identities. We want to preserve women’s safe spaces.

Our goal is to promote a more nuanced discussion relating to sex, gender, sexual orientation and gender roles. Lesbians, gays and bisexuals are a diverse group: some of us dress and behave in ways that do not correspond to traditional gender roles, and there is nothing wrong with that. We express critical views on the concept of gender, which is nowadays sometimes conflated with sex and sometimes thought to completely trump sex. Sex is biologically defined and immutable, unlike gender identity or gender roles. 

Why we started LHB-Liitto

We are worried about how the current discussion around gender is affecting LGB youth and young adults. We are especially concerned about how mixing up sex and gender identity could be damaging, especially for a young person still struggling with their identity and sexuality. 

A great worry for us is all the modern homophobia inside the LGBTQIA+ community, where being gay or lesbian can be labeled as having a ”genital fetish” or a preference you are able to change. If biological sex is completely replaced with gender identity, that will erase what it actually means to be gay or lesbian. If a man can become a woman, he can also become a lesbian. Gays and lesbians should not be guilt-tripped or pressured [1] to have sex or romantic relationships with members of the opposite sex. Nor should these orientations be called a genital fetish or transphobia.

Our views on self-ID legislation

In Finland, there is an ongoing campaign that seeks to make it possible to change one’s legal sex on the basis of self-identification [2] . Legal sex, otherwise known as juridical sex, is marked on identification papers and the civil registry. We support the removal of the current requirement for trans people to be declared infertile before their sex marker can be changed, but this can be done without rendering legal sex a matter of self-identification. Re-defining sex both in everyday life and legislation directly affects the rights and safety of women, children and LGB people [3]. (Note: The Finnish language does not distinguish between ”sex” and ”gender”, and neither does Finnish legislation.)

Join us!

We are a politically and religiously non-aligned group which advocates for the rights of lesbians, gays and bisexuals. Most of us belong to a sexual minority, but we also have some straight allies. Everyone is welcome to support us, regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity.  LGB groups like this one have already been established around the world [4] – in the UK, USA, India, Norway, and Australia for example – and now in Finland as well. If LGB rights are important to you, you are very welcome to join us!


[1] ”[…] lesbians are routinely being coerced into sexual relations with transwomen. The report includes findings of a survey which shows lesbians are under huge pressure within GBT communities to accept without question that “transwoman are women.” Lesbians who responded to the survey reported a wide variety of sexual violence by transwomen, including sexual harassment, sexual assault and rape.” http://gettheloutuk.com/blog/lesbians-at-ground-zero.html
[2] ”Esitämme, että sukupuolen vahvistamisesta tulee ilmoitusasia kaikille 15 vuotta täyttäneille. Tätä nuorempien kohdalla vahvistamisen esitetään vaativan huoltajan suostumuksen.” https://transry.fi/oikeus-olla-kansalaisaloite
[3] ”Jos laki tulee käsittelemään sukupuolta pelkästään laillisena asiana, miten voidaan taata, että fyysinen sukupuoli tullaan jatkossakin ottamaan huomioon? […] 1. Intiimitilat ja niihin pääsy 2. Urheilu 3. Terveydenhoito 4. Ruumiintarkastukset ja vankilalaitos 5. Alaikäisen lapsen ja vanhempien tilanne 6. Palkinnot, apurahat, stipendit 7. Viralliset tilastot 8. Tasa-arvolaki” https://lhbliitto.wordpress.com/2021/05/14/kysymyksia-oikeusolla-kansalaisaloitteesta/
[4] Isossa-Britanniassa Get the L Out https://www.gettheloutuk.com ja LGB Alliance https://lgballiance.org.uk, Yhdysvalloissa LGB Fight Back https://twitter.com/LGBFightBack ja LGB Alliance USA https://lgbausa.substack.com, Intiassa LGB Alliance India https://twitter.com/LGBAlliance_IND, Norjassa LLH2019 https://twitter.com/llh2019 ja Australiassa LGB Alliance Australia https://www.lgballianceaustralia.com

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